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My name is Francisco Paredes and I am an English and French to Spanish translator with 15+ years' experience helping my clients overcome linguistic and technical barriers to reach their audiences in Spain and beyond.

I work primarily in three main fields of specialty (Games and Software, Information Technologies and Marketing). My services include translation, localisation, editing, transcreation, copywriting, multilingual project management and linguistic consultancy — as well as quality assurance, terminology management and CAT tool training.

About me

Francisco Paredes

Who am I?

Born in Madrid in 1981, I've been enthusiastic about computers and technology ever since I got my hands on a ZX Spectrum computer at the age of 8. Taken together with my passion for languages, you could say I had little choice but to embark on a career as a translator specialising in software and information technologies.

I hold two university degrees: a BA in Translation and Interpreting from the Complutense University in Madrid and, as a result of going to France on an Erasmus scholarship and enjoying it a little too much, a Maîtrise in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Orléans.

I started my career as a translator at SDL International, one of the leading languages services providers in the world, then worked as a localisation project manager before setting up shop on my own as a Spanish translator, localisation specialist and language consultant.

Why choose me?

l am a native Spanish speaker with over 15 years' proven experience in the localisation industry.On the games localisation front, I have worked on several AAA titles for all major platforms, with the quality of the Spanish translation often being highlighted in reviews. My customers include household names such as Square Enix and Nintendo of Europe, among many others — be sure to check out my project gallery!In the fields of IT and marketing, my end clients include leading industry players like Symantec, Seagate, VMWare and Oracle.I am also an accomplished multilingual project manager, with over 5 years' combined experience.My computing skills are top-notch: besides knowing my way around all major translation environments (and training others in their use), I am familiar with many other tools and can quickly learn to use new software. I can even develop custom VBA scripts and bespoke programs or web applications to automate and optimise your workflows.Along with my teammates, I received the VII ATRAE “Best videogame translation” award in 2019 for Dragon Quest XI; years before that, I won the 11th ProZ Translation contest in the French-Spanish language pair.

Core specialties

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Games and Software

I can localise your games, software and mobile applications into European or international Spanish, adapting your UI, dialogue, voiceovers and system text to the Spanish-speaking market while preserving their voice and essence.

My clients include some of the top names in the industry, such as Nintendo and Square Enix. Check out some of the titles I have worked on!

Information Technologies

Computing is one of my passions. I have a solid IT background and in-depth knowledge of both user- and enterprise-grade IT solutions. I can faithfully translate your press releases, sales presentations, newsletters, mailings and white papers, as well as highly technical materials like spec sheets, operation manuals and internal documentation.

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I am a transcreator with a deep understanding of what makes the Spanish audience tick. As your linguistic consultant, I can advise you on how to adapt your marketing campaigns to achieve the best results in the European Spanish market, as well as help you localise your website or e-shop into all major European languages.

Other services

Localisation Project Management

Need your product translated into several languages, but you’re not sure where to start? I can manage your multilingual localisation projects for you. Working with a network of carefully vetted linguists, I will ensure your translations do your product justice and make it a hit in every market.

I will handle every aspect of the localisation process: from file preparation to managing queries, QA and uploading content to your CMS / repository, while actively working with you to identify potential issues ahead of time and streamline your localisation pipeline. No project is too complex — drop me a line to find out what I can do for you!


Having trouble with SDL Trados Studio or memoQ? Need a primer on software localisation and internationalisation? Are you a university, college or CPD provider seeking someone with experience in the trenches to speak at your conferences and workshops, or teach your students about localisation?

I’ve taught the Masters-level course “Introduction to Software Localisation” at the FHWS technical college in Würzburg (Germany) for four consecutive years, and provided one-on-one and group training on CAT tools to tens of freelance translators. Whatever your training needs, I can probably help. Give me a shout and let me know what you need!


Interested? Use this contact form to drop me a line and I'll get back to you ASAP — or get in touch with me on social media using the buttons below.